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& Poker Run


You have reached the

Quinte's Isle Dockside Grill & Chill and found the 2nd QR Code!

After finding and scanning the QR CODE, you have not found Joe Dirt. You are at a loss in the journey to find him. 
You have now spoken with the bartender from last night and they recall Joe Dirt having a great time doing Karaoke and buying drinks for everyone.
As you turn to head out, the bartender says… “Check down by the beach, he was heading that way when he left.
You head towards the beach and see a burnt-out campfire with some empty beer cans, Joe Dirt has definitely been here.  Search around the site for clues (next QR Code) to help find him.


Joe Dirt was seen heading towards the beach near the first very large tree at a campfire he was at last night, find the next QR Code.

Joe Dirt Qoute -

You gotta keep on keepin' on!

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