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Joe dirt 1 artwork.png
joe dirt giving horns.jpeg

You have found the first clue to help Joe Dirt find his RV.


Joe Dirt partied hard during the Trailer Crawl and is missing!


Follow the clues to find Joe Dirt so he can make it to the Campfire and Coolers event later tonight.



After asking a few fellow rally participants where they had seen Joe Dirt last, it has become apparent he had quite the tour of Quinte’s Isle Campark.

Joe Dirt was seen earlier today getting an adult Creamsicle dessert. Head to the Dockside Bar and Grill at Pebble Beach to try find him, and the next QR Code.

Joe Dirt Qoute -

"Life is too short to waste it doing nothing, making every day count because we don’t know when we will leave this world.

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