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Ontario GDRV Rally Facts and Questions Area

Whether this is your first time, or you’ve been here before, the Ontario Grand Design RV Owners Rally is a large annual gathering of fellows enthusiasts. 

The organizing team has
put together a great deal of information to help you understand the rally, how to navigate the ticket and registration process and much more.

If you don’t find an answered here, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Rally Date Details

Rally Date Details

When is the Next Ontario Grand Design RV Owners Rally?
 - The Spring Rally is May 30th to June 2nd to 4th 2024
- The Fall Rally is September 13th to 15 2024 

Where are the rallies held?
 - Quinte's Isle Campark is the home of the Ontario Grand Design RV Owners Rally 
  237 Salmon Point Rd.
 Cherry Valley, Ontario (Near the Sandbanks Provincial Park)

Can we stay longer than the rally?
- Yes, we encourage it! During the registration you will be asked what days you would like to arrive/depart. Quinte's Isle Campark will reach out to those staying longer after we provide the registration list to them. Please DO NOT reach out the Quinte's Isle Campark unless they have contacted you, this helps with the overwhelming amount of calls by excited rally goers. You will get the same site for the entirety of your stay.


About the Rally

About the Rally

Who organizes and runs the rally?
- The rally is organized by wagon masters, core volunteers, and members of the Grand Design RV staff.  Everyone, with the exception of Grand Design RV Staff, are volunteers, have day jobs, families, and all the regular obligations that you would expect. The volunteers donate their time to make this an enjoyable event for everyone.

What are the features of the rally?
- The people truly make the rally experience ! The features of the rally include, seminars, pot luck dinner, poker run, campfires and coolers live entertainment, traveling trivia cart, vendors and the feature dinner night. Each rally is slightly unique with different schedules and offerings.

Can I volunteer for the rally?
- Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Rally. We have many tasks that need to be done during the event. Attendees may sign-up to volunteer at here.

Rally Policies and Waiver

Ontario GDRV Owners Rally Tickets

What is the Attendee Waiver?
- Each attendee on the Premises and/or participating in the activities of the Campground must acknowledge & accept the Waiver. A parent/guardian of a minor Attendee must acknowledge & accept the Waiver on behalf of the minor Attendee.


As used herein, the term “Releasees” is defined to include the following: the Campground, its subsidiaries, affiliated organizations, owners, members, managers, directors, officers, past and present employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns.


By accepting this digital waiver, I acknowledge that I have fully read this Release and understand its terms, meaning and legal impact.

This must be agreed to during the rally ticket purchase to participate.

What is the Media policy?

- When you attend the Ontario Grand Design RV Owners Rally and any excursions, you enter areas where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By purchasing event tickets, you give consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition, reproduction including your shared content on any Ontario Grand Design RV Owners Rally social pages.

Ontario GDRV Ownes Rally Tickets

Ontario GDRV Owners Rally Tickets

 When do tickets for the 2024 rallies go on sale?
- 2024 Spring Rally Registration opens November 18th 2023 at 1pm EST
- 2024 Fall Rally registration opens February 24th 2024 at 1pm EST

Where do you buy tickets for the rally?
- We have a new process for the 2024 rall.
 Within the Rally website, at the top of any page hit the "Registration" button and select the ticket of your choice if available.  We will have the tickets posted before the rally so you have time to research what your order of choice is when the time comes to purchase.
You will be given 20 minutes to complete the registration questions and payment before you lose the ticket. You will need to start again if tickets are available still when your timer expires.

What methods of payment is accepted for ticket?
- All major credit cards are accepted.

What does it cost to attend the rally?
- The rally event fee is $150 plus tax and admin fees for each rig. This includes up to 2 adults and 2 minor children under the age of 16. Each additional adult staying in the rig is an additional $45 plus tax and admin fees. The overall cost charged includes the camping fees as well depending on the site area selected at purchase.

What will I need to complete the registration?
(These items are required to complete)

- Your Credit card info for payment 
- Your RV VIN#
- Names/ages of guests in your RV
- RV brand and model number (ex. Solitude 382 WB-R)
- Date of arrival and departure (we will put you in the same site for your entire stay if possible)
- 2 adult t-shirt sizes (we have a size chart in the "Shop")

What is an "E-ticket?
- The E-ticket is the receipt from our website and proof of registration for admission upon arrival at campground. Please print or have it on your phone screen to present to the registration volunteers when you arrive at the campground.

What if I have to cancel my tickets?
- We understand that people’s schedules change for a variety of reasons, many out of their control. As a result, we have instituted the following cancellation
Event Rally fee is not refundable

Spring Rally refunds by March 30th 2024...
Full Hook Up Sites - Refund of $276.85 (less applicable service fees)
Refund includes fee covering Camping fees and the two event t-shirts

No refund after March 30th 2024

Fall Rally refunds by July 15th 2024...
Full Hook Up Sites - Refund of $176.85 (less applicable service fees)
Refund includes fee covering Camping fees and the two event t-shirts
No refund after July 15th 2024

What is included with the event package?
Spring Rally - Includes camping and two Ontario Rally t-shirts, two continental breakfasts, two dinners per guest, all seminars and provided entertainment.
Fall Rally - Includes camping, two Ontario Rally t-shirts, one continental breakfasts, one dinner per guest, seminars and provided entertainment.

This also helps to cover costs of hosting the rally. 

Can we stay longer than the rally dates?
- Yes, we encourage staying longer than the rally date. 

Are there dry camping sites?
- Not at this time, we have plans to create "Partial Service" sites.  These sites will have a water fill station near the parking field. You will be provided one "Honey Wagon" dump on Saturday of the rally (Honey Wagon - mobile dump station).  You are welcome to use your own inverter generator (quiet generator type, non-inverter generators are not welcome) during the hours of 8am to 11pm unless medically required to operate over night. If you need a fresh water re-fill during the rally and you cannot reach the fill station, we can provide an option for more water.

Am I guaranteed a ticket?
- As you can imagine, there are many Grand Design RV owners attempting to secure sites at the rally.  We have matched ticket availability to site availability. If you secure a registration to the rally, you will have a site.

How fast does the rally sell out?
- The 2023 Ontario GDRV Rally sold out in 43 minutes with the 2024 Spring rally selling out in under 3 minutes, yes, in only 3 minutes!

Will there be a waiting list?
- This year, we are introducing a different process for those that did not get a site before the rally sold out.  

How many tickets can I purchase?
- One site per family. We hold the right to cancel duplicate or multiple sites purchased to offer everyone a chance to join us at the rally.

Will my campsite zone change from Partial Service to Full Hook Up when cancellations happen?
- No, cancellations will be announced and put up for sale again.

Are all sites big rig friendly?
- No, Quinte's Isle Campark roads are very accommodating for even the biggest Grand Design RV rigs, but not all sites will handle more than 35ft. There are many sites for the big rigs throughout the campground including the Pebble Beach area by the lake.

Can I choose my own site?
- No, but you are able to select an area if you have a Full Hook Up site (North or Pebble Beach). Site numbers will be provided when you arrive at the rally.

Can I park with my camping buddy?
- We do not guarantee you will be next to your friends. Please contact us via email ( and ask if it is possible. 

Can I attend the with a Non-Grand Design RV?
- No, all Attendee's sites must be a Grand Design RV and provide the VIN# during registration.

Can I attend the rally staying off-site or a day pass?
- Unfortunately, due to occupancy permits, we are restricted to those with Grand Design RVs at the Rally.

Is there extra passes for larger families?

- Yes, we will offer extra rally passes.  Extra rally tickets do not include
t-shirts or goodie bag. 

Before and Duringt he Rally

Before and During the Rally

Where do I find information on-site?
- There will be a screen set up in the Rec Hall with all the information and the rally website has the most up to date schedule

What are the meals during the rally?
- The meals will be announced closer to the date. Current plan for the dinners is a food truck corral providing multiple options. This will be confirmed at a later date ahead of the rally.
We do not alter dinner options, please plan accordingly.

Will there be a pot luck dinner again this year?
- Yes, this has quickly become a staple of all rally's. Details regarding the pot luck and what to bring will be announced closer to the rally. For more details from last years pot luck click here.

Are there local food options?
- Yes, there are many fine eating establishments nearby, including onsite food truck corral and the Dockside Grill and Chill at Pebble Beach

Do you have meals for special diets – allergies, gluten-free, etc.?
- Yes, there will be Gluten Free and Vegetarian options for those with special dietary
needs.  If you require either of these choices, you must pre-register for these when you purchase your rally ticket.  We will not be able to accommodate “on the
spot” requests for special meals.

Do you have reduced-price reservations if we don’t want to have the meals?
- No, the volume of guests and the need to create meal tickets and monitor who does and does not have them is simply not practical.

Are pets welcome at the rally?
- Yes, but no aggressive pets are welcome. Please keep the park clean and pick up after your pet.

Is there rally swag or collectibles?
- Yes, the rally has a pre-order for apparel and other items that can be purchased and picked up at the rally during registration.  Head to the "Shop" tab at the top of the website pages to see what is available.

Will there be swag for purchase at the rally?
- Yes, there will be a limited supply of items to purchase, but we highly recommend pre-ordering to get the colour/size and item you wish to get.

Is alcohol allowed at the rally?
- Yes, but alcohol is not sold or provided by the rally at any of the events. You are welcome to bring your own beverages.


General Rally Questions

General Rally Questions

Am I able to rent a golf cart for the rally?
- Yes, there are a limited number of golf carts available for rent.  See

How do I register for seminars?
- Sign-up for seminars is not required.  Seats in the buildings where seminars are held are first-come, first-served. There is no charge for seminars. Seminars are
open to all attendees, but may be limited to available seating.  

Where can I find the seminar and event schedule?
- The seminar and event schedule will be published on the website and on the event TV in the main hall. Please know the schedule is subject to change, to stay current we will keep the website and TV as current as possible.

How many meals are included in the rally fee?
- The Spring Rally includes 2 dinners and 2 continental breakfasts.
- The Fall Rally includes a dinner and continental breakfast. 

Will there be courtesy transportation available between the buildings and campground?
- Yes, transportation will be available from each section via Gubers (golf cart uber) and a wagon.

Is there a dump station available?
- Yes, the campground has a dump station next to the propane filling station.  The location is noted on the map received at registration or the Quinte's Isle Campark website.

Are there showers on site?
- Yes, there are showers and restrooms at the facility for attendee use.

Is there a laundry facility on site?
- Yes, by the main building.

May I bring my scooter, bike, golf cart or Segway?
- Yes, this is highly recommended as vehicle parking is very limited and not available near event buildings. ATV/UTVs may NOT be operated at the campground.

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