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Ontario GDRV Rally Facts and Questions Area

When is the Ontario Grand Design Owners Rally?

- June 2nd to 4th 2023

When is the Ontario Grand Design Owners Rally registration open?

- November 18th 2022 (Sold out in 43 minutes for 2023 tickets)

How can I get tickets for the rally?

- Ontario GDRV Rally tickets can be purchased within in the "Registration" button at the top of each rally web page when available

Do we get to pick sites at the rally?

- The Wagon Masters and the host campground will use campsite size and RV length to best use the spaces available. 24 hours after purchasing event tickets you may contact Quinte's Isle Campark to book the duration of your stay.
(2023 we have the entire
allotment of transient sites)

Are there any dry camping sites?

- Yes, there is 10 sites available with no service sites

Can we volunteer for the rally?

- Yes, there is no better way to support the event and experience it. 
Click here to contact the Wagon Masters to join the volunteer team or get more details. We are always looking for great people to continually make the best event possible.

What type of things happen at the rally?

- The 2022 Ontario GDRV Rally had many seminars, poker run, un-organized motorcycle tour, pot luck meal along with the Grand Design Welcome Dinner, vendors on site, live music, RV-Mod tour and more!

How do you join the pot luck dinner?

- We welcome all sites to join in on the Pot Luck Dinner. Leading to the rally, the volunteer host of the pot luck dinner will announce the plan which will found here - Rally Pot Luck page. Typically the Grand Design Model ie; Solitude, Momentum, Reflection, Transcend and Imagine each get a set part of the meal such as main course, main sides, salads and deserts which will be shuffled each year.

Is there Ontario GDRV Rally swag available?

- Yes, we will announce when the website shop will open back up prior to the event.  Due to completion lead time March 31st 2023 will be the last day to order event swag.

How do we get our ordered rally swag?

- All pre-ordered event swag will be available for pick up when you register at the rally welcome check in. Please bring a copy of your receipt (print out or digital copy).

Will there be any swag available at the rally to purchase?

- There is no plan to have items available at the rally due to cost of inventory.  We highly recommend pre-ordering to be assured of getting your swag.

Can Rv's that are not Grand Design join in the event?

- Sorry, but none Grand Design RV's are not able to join the event as this is sanctioned and supported by Grand Design RV directly along with 1000 Islands RV or host Grand Design dealer.

Can we book our site longer than the rally dates?

- Yes.  Once you have purchased and received your official registration confirmation, you may contact the host campground to extend before and after the rally if you wish.  The Wagon Masters will let everyone know when Quine's Isles Campground is ready with the registration completion.

How do I get information on seminars at the rally?

- All rally participants are welcome to attend seminars.  A list and schedule will be posted here on the website master event schedule. No registration required for each seminar.

How can we participate in the games during the rally?

- All rally participants are welcome to join in on the fun whether it be the Poker Run / Mod Tour, unsanctioned motorcycle tour etc.  There will be sign up links in the Schedule Page with most of these events welcoming participants prior to the event.

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