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2024 Schedule is up!
Saturday 10am - 1pm

The Poker Run is back with some slight changes to ease the games team volunteer time.

The Poker Run has been a huge success to meet fellow GDRV'ers and enjoy a campsite Poker Run.
There is no Poker Run registration required.

To participate, you will need a smart device (cell phone or tablet) with internet of wifi. At 10am open up the website and you will find the drop down with "Help Joe Dirt find his RV".

Select the Joe Dirt page and follow the instructions. You need to use your smart device to read QR codes to play the game.

To read a QR code - open you devices camera, there will be a box on your screen which will need to see the provided QR code. DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE, once the QR code is on your screen, a yellow button will appear to give you the next link and further directions.

This will take you around the campground, we recommend taking advantage of the "Guber" services, your golf cart, e-bikes etc. We do ask not to use vehicles as there is limited parking and reduce traffic throughout the park.

Once you make it to the last location, you will be required to show the Poker Run team your device screen with the completion notice to get your card roll.
(We will accept 2 plays per device)

The Poker Run event is open to all, including volunteers.

All players must complete the game by 1pm on Saturday. The website will have the game live at 10am-1pm for the Poker Run, but will be left live for those that just want to try it out for the rest of the rally.

Try out a QR code here to see how it works..

Use your cell phone camera on the QR code, a yellow box will be on screen and a link will pop up which you will press. 

Scan this code, hit the link and you will be taken to the home page of the rally website to see how it works.


qr-code (1).png

What if I don't have data or internet signal at the rally?

Head to the RV's near the pavilion between 9:45am to 10:15am on Saturday, the Poker Run staff will be happy to help you.

Poker Run Rules

 - Follow the QR Code story and Help Joe Dirt Find his RV.

- To qualify for prizes, you must complete the story before 1pm (Game will be live at 10am giving you 3 hours to complete)

- To get started head to the top of any web page and hit the "Schedule" drop down to find - Help Joe Dirt Find. His RV". Follow the instructions from there.

- Upon completion of the story you will electronically spin for a poker hand with a Poker Run volunteer.

-  Standard 5 card draw

- Top 5 hands will receive prizes.

- In the case of a tie,
we will have a heads up high card draw. 

- Winners will be announce at the Grand Design Owners Rally Dinner Saturday night. 


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